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About Des Moines workers compensation attorneys

Every day, accidents at work happen and thousands of individuals end up with a life changing injury. Some of these injuries can be neglected as they are petty and not severe, but there are those that may leave the injured individual without a source of income, prevent him from ever working again and change his life completely.

If you received an injury at work, no matter what the nature of the injury is or how severe it is, you are entitled to receive financial compensation from the state’s workers compensation system. Additionally, you may receive financial compensation for your lost wages (normally it is 2/3 of your average weekly wage, subject to the state minimum and maximum payment), compensation for your injury and stress and pain endured, as well as be able to potentially file a personal claim depending on the type of your injury.

Learn more about your options today. Call Des Moines Workers Compensation Attorneys and schedule your initial case review. You will get familiarized with the program, what it has to offer and all other programs which you may be eligible to receive help from. Note that all  attorneys work on a contingency – you will only be charged after your financial benefits have been secured and you receive them. If your case is lost, you won’t be charged anything. No down payments are required, no monthly fees are charged. It’s a simple deal, where you can win everything or lose nothing.

Reasons to hire us

There are countless reasons why you should hire an attorney. The most important reason is that you will get someone working for you, someone who has experience and knowledge and knows how to do it properly. This someone will help you secure your financial benefits, help you file an initial work comp claim, help you by providing you with access to other doctors and not only those appointed by the insurance company, negotiate the settlement for you and ensuring that you receive every single dollar you are owed. These are all the benefits of hiring an attorney. There are more benefits, which you can learn about in the next paragraph.

We will help you file the initial claim or resolve the dispute if there is one

If your initial work comp claim is delayed by the insurance company, for whatever reason, a skilled work injury attorney will help get your claim back on track. However, having an attorney representing you will can help prevent your initial claim from being delayed in the first place.

Also, if your initial claim is denied by the Administration Board, an attorney will be able to help you file an appeal. Again, by having an attorney before you start the process, you are increasing this odds that your case does not get denied as you have someone with knowledge and experience guiding you and telling you what to do.

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Give us a call today, or write us an email and schedule your free initial consultation. We operate during business hours, and we respond to every email within an hour. Our workers compensation lawyers in Des Moines care about you and would love to help you secure your financial benefits. You are not alone, and should seek legal help if you are injured on the job. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us; we fully understand what you are going through and we will do everything in our power to help you secure what is legally owed to you. With that in mind, call us today and let’s get started.