Des Moines Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Attorneys

All about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When performing your regular work duties, you may find yourself repeating the same action over and over again, for days, weeks, months, years. If this action puts certain pressure on your hands, elbows or wrists, you may end up developing a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Every year, thousands of individuals are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a dangerous condition which prevents you from using your arm/s the way you are used to, as your grip strength and general functionality of your fingers will be mostly gone. You won’t be able to lift heavy things, use your fingers as you did before (for typing, painting, drawing) and you will feel constant pain.

If this happened to you, please contact one of our skilled Des Moines Workers Compensation Attorneys and schedule an initial consultation, completely free to receive a case review. Our attorneys will tell you what the best course of action is, and counsel you on what you should do next. If you decide to hire one of our attorneys, you should know that they all work on contingency, and charge you only once they help you recover your financial benefits on a previously agreed percentage. Call today to learn more and schedule your free case review.

More dangerous than you think

Carpal tunnel syndrome is far more common than you would know. It is very common condition among those who work from the office and use their computer every day, programmers, painters, maintenance workers, carpenters, tailors, dentists, musicians. Once it occurs, it causes a lot of pain as your nerve is pressed in your wrist which prevents the tendons and the muscles from moving freely. It limits your hand and doesn’t allow you to perform all the actions you performed in the past. You may find yourself in need of a medical assistance, surgeries and extended treatments.

Seek both medical and professional help

Don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance as soon as your injury occurs or you develop the condition. You will receive fully paid medical care from your employer’s insurance company, so don’t worry about spending a dime on it. As for you workers compensation, our attorneys will take care of it if you reach out to us and hire us to represent you. By the time you get out of the hospital, your claim will be already in the process, and your case may be already won by one of our attorneys. You have nothing to lose as all of our attorneys work on contingency. Give us a call as soon as you develop a condition. Don’t wait before it gets any worse.