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Scheduling a consultation with a dedicated work injury attorney at New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group is easy. Simply call 973-500-4010 or fill out and submit a case contact form. A friendly staff member will return you call or reply to your inquiry to gather information about you and your situation. Don’t worry. Any information you provide us is confidential and will not be shared with any other organization. Once we have gathered enough information, we will carefully match you up with an experienced work injury lawyer in our group.

Work Injury Attorney in New Jersey

When you receive a work injury attorney referral from us, you can feel confident:

  • You won’t be charged any legal fees until your case has been closed successfully
  • You are working with a lawyer who has years of experience handling work comp cases
  • You will be kept updated on the status of your case and always contacted concerning big case decisions
  • You won’t be treated like a number
  • You won’t have to deal with the insurance company directly

Work Injury Lawyers in New Jersey

For a free referral, please contact New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group now at 973-500-4010. Our joint marketing program was designed to make the process of choosing a work comp attorney easier, so why not take advantage of our service? You shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than your health. Contact us right away so we can help get you on a brighter path.